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Define a theme

Why choose a theme? Because quite simply it allows to start from a base, and to avoid the problems of disagreements of several themes. No obligation to follow a trend, you can very well marry 2 colors together.  

To remember: Follow a theme and stick to it



A part which is managed mostly by future Brides!

To avoid breaking the charm of the wedding, do not opt ​​for paper towels. Ask your caterer who generally provides this service.  

Another point if you choose cloth tablecloths, you must iron them! The traces of folding unfortunately in the photos it is noticed, from afar as up close.  

Then find the happy medium on the number of decorative objects, not overloaded, without that there is not enough either. Simulate a table at home or with your decoration landlord.  

To remember: Sober, chic and elegant

Get organized

Make a detailed schedule schedule with his / her photographer, and especially not the day before D-Day! Preparation of the Bride and Groom, Civil ceremony, Religious or secular ceremony, Group photos, Couple photos, Vin d'honneur and Evening.

Provide a room with games for toddlers, as well as adults, they must be occupied!

And if you want their parents to take full advantage, book nannies. One more budget to take into account, which you will not regret.  

To remember :
Make a D-Day schedule Children's playroom
Book babysitters


Please yourself

The hardest part of a Marriage is to satisfy everyone, but the main thing to satisfy is you. Choose the providers with whom you get along best, and the formulas that suit you best.

 Remember: We only get married once!


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Mariage Elodie & Jean-Baptiste-599.jpg

If you contract my services, you will benefit free of charge to access these many additional tips to make this day even more beautiful.

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