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My Story

Born and originating in Tarn, the click for the photo was from the age of 10 years. A fascination of being able, through my little fingers, to perpetuate a smile, a memory, a fragment of time.

Also passionate about history and drawing since childhood, I followed courses at the School of Fine Arts in Castres and continued my studies in the field of Building. When I left I started working as an employee, but something was missing: Art.

Then fate took me back to what I have always loved: Photography. I then realized that this would be my job, the day I stopped counting my working hours.


Today I realize what many seek "to be happy in their profession", even if I consider it more as a passion. I like to favor natural shots, in order to perceive the authenticity of each of your emotions.


Determined and caring, I remain present by your side throughout your day to offer you the best of myself, and to perpetuate the most magical moments of your life.

Your Photographer,  
 Marine Caldo Rouanet 

Choose your Photographer

In the search for its photographer, the 3 selection criteria which recur commonly: price, quality and feeling.


 The first point is the most critical, because it tilts the balance in 50% of cases. Too low a price is suspicious, but too high a price is surreal. So you say to yourself, if it is not an exaggeration to put so much into it for a very short day. The services are calculated according to the number of hours of presence in the field, in post-production (retouching of images on computer) and in the production of photo books. Then add the cost price of supplies, maintenance of equipment (purchase and repair), insurance, fees, taxes, communication ... And I pass you the list is long. This is why the prices I offer you allow me to make a living from my job.

"Taking beautiful photos is good, taking clear photos is better." This is a quote that I like, because we don't make beautiful photos without good equipment. This is why I have made a real investment in the quality of my equipment since the start of my career, by choosing high-end equipment reserved for photography professionals. But what I offer is the quality of follow-up from our first meeting until the delivery of your photo album. This includes a free planning service and caring advice for your successful marriage.


The feeling is like making a mayonnaise, it takes or it doesn't take! The only thing I can tell you is that if you enjoy reading my site, it is very likely that we will get along! Because after finding your style of photos, you have to agree with the personality of his / her Photographer.

I have 3 golden rules that I never deviate from: Well-being, Discretion and Punctuality.  

  • My priority is not to make you uncomfortable, on the contrary, I try to make you feel good. I would never be intrusive in your space, I would never force you to do something you don't want. I respect you by being discreet among your guests, while remaining vigilant to your well-being throughout the day.  

  • Then it is essential to prepare the course of the wedding well in advance, together and especially not the day before D-Day. A well-prepared marriage is a successful marriage.  

  • To finish working in stress and in a rush "take pictures quickly" I do not know. I'm a perfectionist, that's why every little detail counts. For me it is by taking the time to do things, that we achieve beautiful things.

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